What do the lights mean?

There are two locations for LEDs on the Morph. The single LED on the top right corner of the device can show a variety of colors, and the LED strip which will always be white.

This LED changes colors to indicate different statuses. The different color and blink patterns are as follows:

  • White: Communication is happening to the device over USB
  • Blue stable: The device is in bluetooth mode
  • Blue pulsing: The device is in bluetooth pairing mode
  • Yellow: The device is in update mode (this means you should open the Sensel App and update the firmware on your device)
  • Purple: The device is communicating through the Developer's Cable (you won't see this unless you're using the Developer's Cable from the Innovator’s Kit)
  • Red: Indicates a low battery or powering off device. To turn off the Morph, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. After 2 seconds the red LED will turn on. Wait until the LED turns off before releasing the power button.

There is a strip of 24 white LEDs. These light up when areas are pressed on the Overlays and can be controlled with the API.


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