How should I store and care for my Sensel Morph?

When storing the Morph, be sure to keep it with the black plastic facing up. If it is stored upside down or vertically for an extended period, the laminated material can bubble up.  

The LiPo battery's charge is handled by the Morph's internal electronics. However, a general rule-of-thumb for LiPo batteries is that they should not be stored at full charge. If you will not be using the Morph for a while, turn it on and let the battery charge down.

The Overlays are made of silicone rubber with a silicone top-coating for a smooth feel. You can clean them with warm water and soap. While we have tested a variety of substances to ensure quality, it is known that some sunscreens and lotions can be contaminants to plastics. So, to ensure longest life for your Overlays, try not to use Overlays when your hands have excess lotion or sunscreen on them. Additionally, silicone is susceptible to tears. Once torn, it's difficult to stop. Use the handy case we sell to keep your Overlays away from loose change, hairpins, keys, or other sharp items!



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