My DAW seems to recognize the Morph, but no MIDI notes are being received. What should I do?

There's a couple things that can happen that would make it so there's no MIDI coming in. Most of the time it is user error, such as a track setting not being properly configured to accept MIDI input. 

A great way to confirm MIDI data is received is by using a MIDI monitor to visualize incoming MIDI data. If you're using a PC, you may have to download Microsoft MIDIBerry. According to this helpful article, you may also need loop midi to set up a virtual MIDI port. 

If using a Mac, you'd use MIDI Monitor for the same function. 

On Windows, only one application can use a MIDI port at a time, so if you have multiple applications that are accessing the Morph's MIDI port, you may not see MIDI in another. You can use the previously mentioned loop midi to setup a virtual MIDI port to allow multiple apps to listen to the Morph. 

If you have the SenselApp open at the same time as Ableton Live or Bitwig Studio, there can sometimes be a conflict with the scripting environment that likely has to do with how the system sends Sysex to the Morph. You can disable the script in Live or Bitwig, then do your operations in SenselApp, then activate the controller script when you are done. 

Finally, it's worth noting that if you have the SenselApp Visualizer open, this will take over the Morph, and it will no longer send any keyboard or MIDI data. Close the Visualizer and you'll be back in action.

If you've already taken these steps, we'd recommend closing all other MIDI programs (like Bitwig and Ableton Live) and then reopening the SenselApp. Then, follow these steps to resend your map again. 


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